Released: London Southend for Microsoft Flight Simulator

We’d like to welcome you to London, more precisely London Southend Airport! Now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

You can purchase London Southend from Orbx or the Pilot Plus Shop.

It will available on the Microsoft Marketplace shortly.

London Southend has been no small project, starting with an on-site visit by the team many months ago, every aspect has been studied and faithfully replicated. Navigating around the airport you’ll find detail on and around every building, every asset looks beautiful and the ground materials are no exception. If you visit the Restoration Hangar you will find one of the last remaining Avro Vulcan’s which is permanently situated at the airport.

Airlines and couriers such as Ryanair, Wizz Air, Jota Aviation and Amazon are home here, this gives you plenty of choice from European holiday destinations to international cargo operations.


  • An ultra-realistic rendition of London Southend
  • Full PBR implementation, from buildings to airside clutter and ground
  • Dynamic rain on control tower glass (old and new tower)
  • Custom, refined aerial imagery covering the airport
  • Authentic night experience

We are excited for you to immerse yourself at London Southend and explore the realism the Pilot Plus team have carefully crafted.

You can purchase from Orbx Direct or the Pilot Plus Shop