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Current known issues

A list of current known product bugs that we are working to fix.

From the License Manager you can manage your product license keys and request more uses if needed.

Please browse the below to answer your question before contacting support.

I can't see any scenery

If you see a blank, default, X-Plane landscape this is likely because your Custom Scenery folder is incorrect. 

There are 2 possible problems.

Installation Error

    • Open your X-Plane 11/ Custom Scenery Folder:

    • Check that the airport is in this folder (unzipped), and holds the product files:

    • Click to open the product folder, you should see a list of product folders and files. If you don’t, re-install the product.

Scenery Ini Structure

    • In your Custom Scenery folder, open the scenery_packs.ini file. You can right click to open this in a text editor programme: 

    • Ensure that the product is positioned above other lines. In the example above, Gatwick is above any other scenery for the London area.
I can see artefacts around the airport

If you can see odd artefacts around the scenery this is likely the result of a conflict with another package. 

The most common case is that you have two scenery packages installed for the same airport. Please remove the one you don’t want to use from the folder.

Another common case is a conflict with the default X-Plane Gateway. This is a collection of plausible default locations made from ‘lego brick’ assets. All of our products are built to disable a gateway airport if present. If you are still having issues please contact one of our support agents.

Will my PC struggle to run your products?

We optimise our X-Plane environments to be compatible on any setup, often we also provide a full and ‘lite’ version to cater to all. 

The general rule of thumb is if your computer can run X-Plane to at least 20 fps, you will be able to run and enjoy our airports. 

You can read  the Recommended System Specification for more information.

Do I need to download anything additional to run the airports?


All of our products include all assets out of the box, you do not need to download anything additional such as opensceneryx or equivalent.

Our products are ‘plug and play’.