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We create interactive VR applications perfect for training or entertainment. Your audience will be captivated by the modern experience.

Use Cases


NHS Training

Pilot Plus worked with NHS Wales and the Swansea Bay Health Board to deliver a VR training solution. The application walks through a common procedure used to treat SVT. 

Pilot Plus also delivered a hosted web application which stores all data collected from the training.

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Benefits of VR Training


Immerse your audience in an engaging experience which delivers results. Better compared to standard video training.

A Safe Environment

Safely allow your audience to complete complex and hazardous tasks. We can help you deliver critical trainig.


Easily simulate complex and large scenarios without the physical cost, equipment or space.

Memory Retention

Your audience will retain training knowledge from the hands-on experience. VR has proven to be the best way to retain new skills.

Implement Remotely

Our VR applications can be deployed to remote environments so you can reach your audience wherever they are.


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