Announcing: Biggin Hill Airport

We are pleased to announce one of our current projects, London Biggin Hill for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

The Pilot Plus team are working closely with airport management to enable the creation of the most realistic and accurate digital twin of Biggin Hill.

Biggin Hill is in the London Borough of Bromley, placing it within close proximity of Central London. The airport is a popular choice for private and charter flights and is rich with history, most notably the role the airport played in the Battle of Britain.

The environment will capture the essence of the airfield and be at the level of detail you have come to expect from a Pilot Plus product. Also known as ‘Biggin on the bump’, the digital twin in Microsoft Flight Simulator will include accurate terrain for the airport and surrounding area. This will be at an impressive 1 metre resolution, including the runway slope. 

The team spent significant time capturing airside reference of both new and old infrastructure, on foot and from the sky by helicopter. 

The Pilot Plus team would like to extend their gratitude to the accommodating staff at Biggin Hill airport for the site tour and ongoing support with the project.