Valsalva VR


“I was thrilled to be able to share knowledge and collaborate on a project with Pilot Plus.”

– Steve A

The Project

Pilot Plus worked with NHS Wales and the Swansea Bay Health Board to deliver a VR training solution. The application walks through a common procedure used to treat Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT). The doctor is first guided through how to use virtual reality, such as moving around the scene and how to interact with objects. There is also the chance for the doctor to watch a video, on the virtual TV, where they can preview the procedure.

Before the procedure they are asked multiple choice questions, these questions are also asked after the procedure. This data, along with progress tracking data, is sent to an online custom built analytics dashboard.

When ready the doctor can start the procedure. With guidance throughout the doctor is able to perform a Valsalva to treat SVT, upon completion the ECG Monitor returns to stable.