Everything you need to know

Installing custom mesh for Bristol Definitive.

We have created a hand-crafted mesh for Bristol Definitive, including the iconic sloped runway.

Installation is simple but please carefully follow our installation steps.

Before proceeding, please note the following.



Due to X-Plane’s limitations our hand-crafted mesh will not work with Ortho4XP tiles. 


Please remove any UK south tiles from your custom scenery folder.


Orbx True Earth

Due to X-Plane’s limitations, our hand-crafted mesh will not work with True Earth.


Please disable True Earth to enjoy Bristol’s sloped runway.

Pilot Plus Bristol Airport V1.2



Our mesh install will not overwrite any of your core X-Plane files.


There is no need to make a back-up of anything, the mesh is installed as an additional package. 


As this is experimental, please note we can only offer limited mesh support.

If you are happy with the information stated above, please close this tab and continue the installation.