Please follow the short guide below to ensure your mesh functions correctly:


If you take a look in your Custom Scenery folder, you should notice the brand new Bristol Definitive MESH pack has been added.

Once confirming this, please launch X-Plane 11

As soon as you reach the landing screen, you may close the program.


Navigate to your Custom Scenery folder once again

Find your scenery_packs.ini file and double click to open

Note: You can edit this config with any text editor


You should now see an entry at the top of your config file, for the Bristol mesh pack

Highlight the entire row, and cut the text (Edit, Cut)

Note: CTRL + X is the shortcut for cut




Enter a blank line below the Bristol Definitive scenery

Paste the text line from step 3,

Your file should then look the same as the image


Thats it, We hope you enjoy!

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